Civil Service Exam 2024-2025: Requirements & Application

Civil Service Exam is open to apply for Filipinos. The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has announced the schedule for the Civil Service Examination – Pen and Paper Test.

Civil Service Examination
Civil Service Examination

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What is Civil Service Exam?

Civil Service is an Exam in the Philippines for Government jobs for Filipinos. The Exam is conducted twice a year by the Civil Service Commission of the Philippines (CSC). Many Filipinos dream of getting a government job in the Philippines because of the many benefits of the Government. To get the job, they must pass the civil service exam.

Civil Service Examination Timeline and Schedule

Career Service Examination for Foreign Service Officer (CSE-FSO)

Date of ExamJan 28, 2024
Title of ExamCSE-FSO
Issuance Date of Exam Announcementc/o DFA-BFSE (Department of Foreign Affairs- Board of Foreign Service Examinations)
Application Starts fromSep 18, 2023
Application DeadlineOct 20, 2023
Test ResultsMarch 10, 2024

Career Service Examination Professional and Sub-Professional levels

Date of ExamMarch 3, 2024
Title of ExamCSE Professional and Sub-Professional levels
Issuance Date of Exam AnnouncementOct 30, 2023
Application Starts fromNov 20, 2023
Application DeadlineJan 3, 2024
Test ResultsMay 12, 2024

FOE / POE / BCLTE – Fire Officer Examination / Penology Officer Examination / Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination

Date of ExamJune 2, 2024
Title of ExamFOE / POE / BCLTE
Issuance Date of Exam AnnouncementFeb 12, 2024
Application Starts fromMarch 4, 2023
Application DeadlineApril 3, 2024
Test ResultsJuly 14, 2024

CSE Professional and Sub-Professional levels

Date of ExamAug 11, 2024
Title of ExamCSE Professional and Sub-Professional levels
Issuance Date of Exam AnnouncementApril 22, 2024
Application Starts fromMay 13, 2024
Application DeadlineJune 13, 2024
Test ResultsOct 20, 2024

Civil Service Examination Requirements

  1. You must be a Filipino citizen
  2. A good moral character is required
  3. Has no dismissal record from military or government service
  4. Has not taken the same-level exam within the last three months before the exam date

How to Apply

Prepare the mentioned requirements. Then, go to the CSC Regional Office where you want to take the exam in person. To find a Civil Service Commission office in your area, check the Civil Service Commission Office Directory.

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