DSWD Cash Assistance Processing of Crisis Intervention Unit

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A detailed article on the DSWD Cash Assistance Processing of the Crisis Intervention Unit can be found here. In this article, you will learn about the Qualifications, Requirements, Service Schedule, Processing Time, and How to Apply for DSWD Assistance.

DSWD Cash Assistance

Table of Contents

Requirements for DSWD Assistance Service

There are different requirements depending upon the reasons for which you wish to avail the DSWD Cash Assistance Services, the requirements are as follows:

Qualifications for DSWD Assistance

People in need of development support for social welfare must be the following:

  1. Individuals/families in crisis situation
  2. Who have not yet availed of CIU assistance during the year.
  3. Who are indigent as certified by the Barangay Chairman of the area where they resides.

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For Educational Assistance

  1. Certificate of Enrollment
  2. Barangay Certification/Indigency/any valid ID
  3. Social Case Study Report (optional)
  4. Referral/Endorsement letter from legislator, if applicable

For Burial Assistance

  1. Registered Death Certificate
  2. Contract of Funeral
  3. Barangay Certificate/any valid ID
  4. Permit to Transfer (transport of cadaver)
  5. Social Case Study report from LGU (optional)
  6. Referral/Endorsement Letter from legislator, if applicable

For Hospitalization/Medical Assistance

  1. Clinical Abstract and/or
  2. Medical Certificate with license/PTR No. of the attending physician
  3. Prescription for medicine
  4. Billing Statement (for hospital bill)
  5. Social Case Study Report from LGU (optional)
  6. Laboratory Request/Medical Procedures (recommended by the attending Physician)
  7. Barangay Certification/Indigency/ any valid ID of the patient or his/her representative (e.g. driver’s license, postal, school, voters and senior citizen ID)
  8. Referral/Endorsement letter from legislator, if applicable

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For Transportation Assistance

  1. Barangay Certification/Indigency/any valid ID
  2. Social Case Study Report from LGU (optional)
  3. Referral/Endorsement letter from legislator, if applicable

What is the Schedule of Availability of the service

The DSWD Cash Assistance service is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m with no noon break.

What is the Processing Time of DSWD Cash Assistance Service

  • For Cash outright, the processing time is a maximum of 45 minutes per client
  • For issuance of guarantee/referral letter, the processing time is a maximum of 15-20 minutes per client
  • For processing of check, the processing time is between three (3) to five (5) days

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How to Apply for DSWD Assistance Services

Follow the steps below to apply for this service

  1. Go to DSWD Central Office and Field Offices Main Entrance Gate and Get a stub number and register the name with the guard on duty
  2. Now, Proceed to CIU Office and wait for the number to be called for screening by Screening officer
  3. Interview/Assessment for the assistance needed by Social Workers at CIU Central Office and CIU Field Offices
  4. Recommendation/Action Taken for the assistance requested – Person-in-charge : Social Worker
  5. Review and Approval of the Officer-in-Charge to the Social Worker’s recommendation for the assistance being requested by the client at CIU Central Office and CIU Field Offices
  6. Client (you) will receive the approved assistance whether financial/guarantee/referral letter from CIU Officer-in-Charge (designated disbursing officer) for the financial assistance and Social Worker for the guarantee/referral letter
  7. Client to affix their signature as proof for the assistance given by Disbursing Officer.

For more information on the Cash Assistance service, go to the DSWD website.

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